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Hi, there! I’m Jennifer. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I have two puppies, Avery & Shiner, whom I’m kind of obsessed with. I went to 13 different schools before graduating but always knew Austin would be my home. I started Luxe in 2010 with big fears and bigger dreams. I love bright colors in my work but lean towards neutrals in my home decor and business branding. I’m an instant gratification junkie and I’m sentimental to a fault. I’m stubborn and I’m quirky. I’m shy at first but loud soon after.  I’m an equal balance of a social butterfly and a home-body. I over-use exclamation points and speak in run-on sentences. Cheesy puns and dad jokes are the way to my heart. I love vanilla lattes and ranunculus, board games and summer dresses. But most of all.. I love love. The love between friends, between family, between a couple. Ready to schedule your session? Want to know more? I can’t wait to meet you!




Imagine, years from now, sitting down on the couch, your hands running across past moments and sweet memories. Your eyes may even tear up with the joy of those tangible moments. The photos that bring the sum of everything great you have done with your life back to the front of your memory.

My name is Heather and I am a photographer. I joined Luxe in 2013. I work with amazing clients in Austin and even travel for several weddings each year. I absolutely love capturing all the emotions and moments of each individual’s story while they are in the midst of writing them.

There was a time in my life I realized my past career choice, a nurse, was keeping me from important things in my own story with my own children. Missing mom in Christmas pictures was becoming hard for my little ones to swallow. I knew it was way more important, at their ages that I was present with them. That is when I started to notice the importance of tangible lasting moments.  I found myself pouring into photography. I love what I do and why I do it. To be honest, I watch my grandmothers look through pictures on a regular basis and light up with so many great memories and stories. I can’t comprehend what all their hearts and minds go through while they look at each photo but I do know I want that same thing for my clients and myself.

So you can see I have an emotional side and a love for life. I also love chocolate, the Texas Rangers and the Cowboys, traveling, spicy food, laughing, and any challenge I can find!

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And just for fun.. check a few recent behind the scenes shots!

Top image courtesy: Tim Waters
Middle images courtesy: 516 Photography
Behind the scenes images courtesy: Heather Johnston, Dave McLaughlin, Tim Kyle, Sean Wray